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5 panel robe, (rakusu)

Rice field in southeast Asia

21 panel robe, (okesa)

Our Story          

Zen Buddhist Sewing Teachers (ZBST) began in the fall of 2012 to support people involved with learning and teaching about sewing Buddha’s Robe.

Our intention is to keep warm-hand to warm-hand sewing practice alive now and in the future through more connection between practitioners, communication about Zen sewing practice, and continuation of learning.  Our hope is that by collectively supporting each other’s efforts we may strengthen this practice, encourage more participation, and assure its continuation.

Zen Buddhist Sewing Teachers is envisioned as a group whose activities will arise out of the interests of those who wish to be involved.  This could range from helping Dharma teachers and their students find sewing teachers who are willing to travel, providing the means to share concerns and resources between sewing teachers, arranging for meetings with knowledgeable speakers, and announcing major robe sewing efforts or retreats.

The web site, as we receive funds for development, will be the vehicle for these activities, and also be a place to keep alive the stories of all of our teachers:  the first generation of Eshun Yoshida-roshi, Okamato-sensei, and Joshin-san (plus those in other traditions), and the next generations of Tomoe Katagiri and Zenkei Blanche Hartman and their students.

Please let us know if you are interested in supporting and/or participating in ZBST’s activities which are planned to include all aspects of sewing in Zen practice for both students and teachers. 

We want to know how best to serve your needs and need your support for these intentions to manifest.

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Zen Buddhist Sewing Teachers is a California religious non-profit.   For ZBST to receive 100% of your donation, mail your support as a check.  However, you are also welcome to donate via Paypal (if you see the Payapal button).

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